Controlled Semiconductor, Inc.
Controlled Semiconductor, Inc. Controlled Semiconductor, Inc.
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Controlled Semiconductor, Inc.
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Controlled Semiconductor Inc. produces a laser-based system, the L² S², which is used for the isolation and singulation of packaged semiconductor devices. One of the major advantages of using a laser, versus using a dicing saw, is the reduced copper content of the leadframes. Typical saw-based shorting bars are around 200µm wide. With the laser-based technology, cuts of 40µm have been demonstrated. This means that the frame sizes can be reduced and more units can fit on a frame, a major advantage in the race to reduce costs. Most of the other packages utilize a type of half etching of the lead frames to reduce the thickness of the metal that will be cut with a conventional saw. With the laser saw, this step is not needed, further reducing manufacturing costs. With the laser-based systems, lead smear and burrs are not an issue either, because of the ablation process. Since laser work is a non-mechanical process, chips and micro cracks are eliminated from the assembled devices, thus improving the reliability of the devices.